Enabling you to do the best work of your life

Changr connects you to your business like never before, allowing you to be a part of the ongoing, ever-adapting change.


Within all businesses around the world, regardless of their size or industry, people are currently taking actions.

These actions will differ greatly across & within businesses but should all have a common purpose, they in some way should contribute to a company’s strategic objectives.

How do you impact
your company’s
strategic objectives?

In reality, it is quite hard to know because you are not telepathically connected to all the others in your business taking these actions.

It’s time to connect you to your business!

Take action. Learn

Equip yourself with powerful tools and relevant learnings to aid you in getting stuff done at work or on-the-go.

All that matters to get stuff done in 1 place

Receive relevant content, communication and notifications in 1 place so that you no longer need to look for things that are hiding from you in your inbox.

Powerful tools to aid you on your journey

Use powerful tools and relevant learnings to better enable you to complete your actions. This is when things get really fun.

Have a voice
and make it heard

Be an influence on those around you. Post topics to receive feedback or provide your points of view on interesting topics.

What really matters is

Build your brand by sharing your actions with others, get great advice and learn about someone doing something similar to you.

Involve others that wish to make an impact

Break down those silos and get updates on those actions that matter to you and follow those thought leaders in your business.

See the impact unfold in real-time

See all the actions that are impacting your company’s strategy and be connected to the outgoing execution.


Start a Revolution