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Whether you are leading a small team or a large business, Changr enables your coworkers to take meaningful actions by allowing you to captivate your audience, deliver your messages, and align everyone around your desired business outcomes.

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Sculpt an engaging journey

Changr digitizes your story and helps you to inspire your people. By creating a timeline of touchpoints, Changr is able to deploy personalized messages to your people when they require it or based on when you wish them to receive it.


Content is deployed based on your desired storyline, taking your people on a journey over time. Once designed, the user experience is automated. Content is pushed based on a specific time period, set rules, employee profiles or actions being taken.


To ensure everyone is connected to your ongoing story, the beat acts as a social touchpoint for everyone. Your people may like and comment your content, create their own and interact with others, all within the context of the messages you are communicating.


Communicate with your people along your storyline in either a pre-scripted manner or prompt them using push whenever you feel like. Make the messaging personal to have an impact.


Context is everything. Using a variety of content experiences, ranging from quizzes to simulations, you are guaranteed that your key messages will resonate with your people.


Sometimes, the learning only happens when others are present either virtually or face-to-face. Bring people together and use the same type of content but in a different engagement format.


Sometimes delivering a message is not enough, you need you provide tools to help others spread your message. Using a tool framework, you may create business relevant toolkits to help your people live your story while at work.

Every great story is made up of powerful experiences

Changr deploys powerful experiences to the individual or team both virtually or in a face to face context. For the experience to resonate, it must be contextual to your business and by leveraging experiential and gamification formats, Changr creates that unique connection with your people.

Each experience must be meaningful to drive action

Changr guides your people into structuring their actions and links them to the bigger picture, creating that line of sight between what they do in their jobs and your desired impact.


Allow your people to set the actions they will take aligned to your desired business impact. By creating actions, your people create a line of sight between the learnings they take away from the messages you communicate and the likely business impact they could have if they take their learnings and turn them into actions.


Allow your people to stay connected to all of the actions being taken across the business. Let everyone support one another by providing each other with encouragement through likes and feedback by commenting on actions.


Enable all of your people to see the impact they are individually having on the business as a result of the actions they take in line with your core messages. And for you, get a global overview of how your story is driving your people to action.


Watch the roll-out of your story and visualize the actions occurring within your team or business.


Keep a constant tab on your messaging to ensure that the content used to deploy it is driving engagement amongst your people. If not, adapt it in real-time.


Monitor and manage the roll-out of your journey and ensure the end-user experience is fantastic.

Monitor and adapt your story to have an impact on everyone

Changr enables you to monitor your story in real-time to ensure that it resonates with everyone and is leading to the desired actions being taken. If not, you have the flexibility to adapt and evolve it on the fly.

A great story is
made up of heroes

Changr connects the real-life heroes at work to help your people get the encouragement, feedback and coaching that they require to take action.

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