From a band of

From freelancers to a high performing team, we are a group of well travelled individuals from France, Alsace, Malta, USA, UK and Japan.

We are passionate
about business results

We want to aid every individual that uses Changr to make a meaningful impact on their organization.

We are driven by
people, clients & ideas

People, client and ideas are the driving values of our team that we inherited from Melpia, our parent company.


Working with people is our passion. Being able to work together as a team and with others is our strength.


They are why we exist. Answering to their needs by proposing innovative solutions to exceed their expectations.


They are at the core of what we love. They express our capabilities and enable us to adapt.


If you are not having fun while working. STOP. Something is wrong. Everyday laughter and humor is what makes work worth it and sparks creativity.


Respecting our partners, ourselves, others and our work environment is what drives us.


We are ready to travel together, drink beer together and enjoy a hot tub together. We not are not just colleagues, we are an extension of our families.

We believe in
fun, respect & friendship

Fun, respect & friendship are the core values of our team and the reason why we enjoy working together.

We are part of
the Melpia family

We are all working to make sure Changr helps you impact your business, and we enjoy working in the Melpia group of companies.

Melpia provides us with innovative and quality development services, original and impactful marketing capabilities and it’s understanding of the SaaS industry.

We are Melpia

We have the skills to drive business results

Over the years, our team have developed the needed skillset to uniquely deliver the messages of our clients in the most impactful way possible. They not only stay up to date on the latest features released, but sculpt the Changr platform by being so close to the end users. More specifically, our team can help our clients in 4 key ways.

Move into action

Sculpt your story

Working with our partners, we can help turn your strategy into a powerful story that will drive action in your business. We start off with the end in mind, work backwards to identify the knowledge gaps across your business.

Digitize your experiences

We are crazy about digital experiences. With over a decade of experience, working with our partners we are able to build very custom digitally enabled experiences that can run anywhere and from everywhere. You name it, we build it.

Unleash your message

The story is only as good as the way you deliver your messages. In today’s world, there is a lot of noise. We can help you cut it and make your core messages resonate with the user.

Measure the impact

What matters to you is results. However, to get to a clear ROI takes number crunching capabilities that we can lend a hand with. We are able to both help you design your story to ensure it captures the right data and then support you in analyzing whether the messages are resonating with your people and driving the right impact in your business.

Help us drive business results

If you are passionate about leveraging digital tools to influence and inspire people to take action and drive results in global business, maybe it's time for you to reach out!