Disruptive thinking for global business

We are a team that help ambitious leaders transform their business objectives into compelling stories that resonate with their people to drive business results.


Sculpt your storyline

Disruptive thinking starts with a great story. We start with the end in mind. Our worldwide recognized partners map out your desired impact, tie it back to the core messages you need to communicate to drive your people to action. Once the messages are defined, the content medium and the engagement approaches are explored to ensure the messages are best delivered to your people.

Digitize contextual experiences

We take your raw messages and sculpt them into the right digital format leveraging a variety of digital tools. The choice of tool is dependent on its intended use within your storyline and the means by which your people will experience it (face to face, virtual, individually or in a team). As we work to enable business results, our methods allow us to monitor, assess and evolve your messaging as it is experienced.


Drive engagement

Static content is boring. We work with you to captivate your audiences by taking your digital enabled content and transforming it to be in the best format to keep your people engaged. This work can vary from turning static text into short animations to designing beautiful imagery. Why settle for boring when you can get beautiful?

Measure impact

This is where we close to loop on the story design and make sure that you are getting what you need from Changr. Actions. We work with you to ensure that your story is resonating to those who have embarked on your journey: We regularly take a deep dive with you into your data and pull out any insights on the impact your messages have had on your people and evaluate the impact of all actions being taken. And rewrite together the story where needed.


We design different engagement experiences

Online & self-paced
Virtual coach-driven
Virtual team-driven
FTF / Virtual classroom facilitated
Events managed

We work with people passionate about business results

We work with others that are experts at inspiring and equipping your people to turn your strategy into results.

We strive to inspire
people to take action and
drive results in global businesses